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Sorry for the absence!

We had a few things in the way so we couldn’t get to doing reviews! Hopefully we’re back now. However, I (R) have exams during the last week of January so I’ll be occupied by then. But other than that, expect more reviews from us!


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Neck Deep – Growing Pains (Single)

Within a short amount of time, Neck Deep has attracted lots of attention for such a small but rapidly growing band They are very well known for their acoustic love song, “A Part of Me”, having a large fan base even though they only have 2 small EPS and for having their style endlessly being compared to The Story So Far. They are currently working on a full length album which is to be released sometime this year on Hopeless Records. So far, they have teased us with a few songs and things have been turning out well. One of their singles is, “Growing Pains” which is their latest song from the album.

The composition of “Growing Pains” is very different from the rough style that they usually use. It still maintains it’s catchiness and speed but it has none of that yelling at all. It’s a nice change and seeing how they always get criticized for “ripping off” The Story So Far, it shows how Neck Deep can still compose great music.

It is very upbeat and the constantly beating drums help maintain the hype. The guitars are constantly chugging through while Ben Barlow expresses his feelings in his lyrics and everything mixes well together in this melodic piece. The chorus is fun to sing along to while the bridge/outro is a smooth way to conclude the song.

Overall: “Growing Pains” is a song that is worth checking out and I think the album will be worth waiting for. Check out the song below!



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Run The Jewels- Killer Mike and El-P


Run The Jewels is a Hip-Hop album by collaboration Killer Mike and El-P. As a hip-hop listener, this is easily one of my favorite releases of 2013, especially for a free release. Although a bit dry at points, this album features some of the most powerful, minimal production that is reminiscent to DMX or an artist of his caliber in parts of the album. In fact, the aggressive power of the production of this album stuck out to me the most out of anything else. The pacing of this album was really stellar, as well, quick-tempo’d when it called for it, and also mellow when it called for it.  Nothing in particular really stuck out to me about the lyrics, except for the ruthless, aggressive tone that the album tends to carry anyhow. Lines about killing poodles and threatening to kill your baby are usually not taken as soft. Both Killer Mike and El-P do have their moments where they shine on this album lyrically, and the few features that this album has are also extremely beneficial. All in all, this album is great. Ruthless, aggressive, and doesn’t take a hip-hop guru to get into.



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Stream It: Brand New – Déja Entendu

I just want to do a little traveling back in time. I wish I was there to know about it but it’s never too late to listen to this great album. This is the second album from Brand New and it’s awesome!



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Working things out

Sorry for the lack of reviews lately. We’re trying to stay consistent with our posting but life gets in the way occasionally.

From this point on, we’ll make reviews be posted every weekend. Everything else during the weekdays will be a post from any of our series or a random post. If I have anything interesting though, reviews can be posted during the week as well.

You’ll see more stuff from -BG as well.


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Stream It: Less Than Jake “See The Light”

Less Than Jake gave a chance for fans to stream their new album, “See the Light”. It contains 13 new tracks and it has been their first recorded full length since 5 years, (the last album being GNV FLA).

The album will be available on November 12th!

Listen to the stream on YouTube!

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Hey, Quick Slices will try to diversify their content and categorize them as series. I’m not sure if that’s the proper term for it but there will be more articles to write about.

As of now, there is one series but more can come out soon.

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Punk Goes Christmas releases tomorrow!

I thought this was a bit early for a Christmas release but at the same time, this is totally cool. Fearless Records has compiled a bunch of punk Christmas songs and compiled them into this album. There’s gonna be a lot of cool bands and lots of fun music. Check out the freakout commercial Fearless Records has made.

On top of that, here’s the track list:

1. New Found Glory – “Nothing For Christmas”

2. All Time Low – “Fool’s Holiday”
3. Real Friends – “I Had A Heart”
4. Man Overboard – “Father Christmas”
5. The Summer Set – “This Christmas”
6. Crown The Empire – “There Will Be No Christmas”
7. Yellowcard – “Christmas Lights”
8. Issues – “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”
9. Jason Lancaster (of Go Radio) – “All I Can Give You”
10. Set It Off – “This Christmas Day (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)”
11. The Ready Set – “I Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You”
12. William Beckett – “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
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Bands to Check Out #1

I’ve asked members of a Facebook group for their bands to promote them. Here’s a list of bands that you should listen to. Most of them are pop punk or hardcore. Check them out and support them if you like the bands!

Punk/Pop Punk

This Endless Breath (Easycore)

Drop Your Guns (Alternative/Pop Punk)

Speaking of the Past (Pop Punk)

Smalls (Punk)

Running on E (Pop Punk)

Something More (Pop Punk)

Sunday Night Riot (Alternative/Pop Punk)

Frentus (Punk/Progressive)

Free.am (Pop Punk)

Infidelities (Alternative Punk)

The Put Downs (Punk Rock N’ Roll)

Safety Hazard (Pop Punk)

Go for Gold (Pop Punk)

PLKC (Pop Punk)

The Breadshots (Pop punk)

A Place in Time (Pop Punk)


One Morning in the Spring (Link 2: Bandcamp) (Post-Hardcore)

Faults (Post-Hardcore/Skramz)

Manifest Me (Metalcore)

The El Paso Gunfight (Thrash/Hardcore)

Shibboleth (Progressive/Melodic Hardcore)

Coastlines (Melodic hardcore)

Glass (Screamo/Punk)


The Old Line (Rock)

The Anchors (Indie rock)

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Tagging Names

Since this blog is ran by two people, we always tag our names at the end of the review to distinguish ourselves. It will end with either -R or -BG.

We just wanted to post this in case you guys were wondering why they’re there.

If there are any better alternatives that we can take to tag ourselves, comment below.