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Birdemic (2013)

Do you remember that movie where a city was under attack because of global warming? That movie where random natural disasters kept occurring and people were being killed by the eagles and vultures while the main protagonists had to fend them off using coat hangers? I’m talking about Birdemic: Shock and Terror! Birdemic: Shock and Terror is well known for being one of the worst films ever because of its wooden acting, amateurish editing and camera work and rough plot progression. With a film like that, it’s difficult to imagine a sequel. However, James Nguyen, the director who is responsible for making this movie, still made it happen and now we have Birdemic 2: The Resurrection.

The movie revolves around struggling Hollywood filmmaker, Bill, an aspiring actress, Gloria and the two previous protagonists of the last film, Rod and Nathalie. They all become involved in Bill’s upcoming movie project and quickly become close. Then there’s a whole bunch of scenes that foreshadow the invasion and the next thing that occurs, the birds swoop in and kill people. There’s nothing more to it than that. The set up remains the same and there are minor to no differences. We still see the same kind of scenes where the characters hang out, the same dance scene, the same boring sex scene and the major theme of global warming.

Another problem this movie has is the lengthy scenes that are a pain to watch. If those scenes were cut or shortened, the film could actually be a little under fifty minutes rather than the full seventy-eight that has to be endured. On the other hand, the actual action scenes themselves only occupy twenty or so minutes and while they’re supposed to be scary, they’re actually hilarious. Those are the scenes that slightly make the film better despite the fact that they’re cheesy as hell. In addition to that, this film even included zombies and cave people!

For a low budget film, the low quality is excusable but it’s terrible. The 3D birds look very out of place and the special effects are what you would expect from some kids’ movie. The awkward placement of the music ruins most of the scenes and the acting is either expressionless, awkward or over exaggerated which makes the movie even funnier. I feel like the film takes on a more comedic attempt rather than the romantic thriller that it’s supposed to be and the entire movie is proof of it.

Overall, it’s interesting that James Nguyen took advantage of the opportunity to produce a sequel. The film had a cult following so I guess he just wanted to make them happy. It’s the best worst film I’ve ever watched. I do have to praise him for trying to make the best of his limited resources though but unfortunately, it’s hard to create a horror movie under those conditions.



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