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Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop is a show that surrounds the space western themes. Technology is advanced and the cowboy lifestyle is present. That includes the bounty system where society is lawless and the government relies on bounty hunters to track down wanted criminals.

The plot surrounds the crew of the Cowboy Bebop. There is Spike Spiegel, a man who has an affair with a syndicate member and has gotten involved with a conflict with the syndicate. Jet Black is the mechanic and pilot who used to be a police officer before he quit. Faye Valentine is the amnesiac woman who is drowning in debt. Ein, the corgi who is highly intelligent and Edward, a child who has a talent for hacking systems. While some of the plot involves hunting down criminals, most of it involves the use of flashbacks to reveal the characters’ pasts and tell the audience extra biographical details that enhance the plot.

I loved the anime. It’s short (26 episodes) but it had lots of content. In fact, I wish they made more. The pace was fast but it’s convenient. It has an even balance of action while there were many moments where we could connect with the characters. Through flashbacks, those scenes have shown why they act that way and how the characters came to be. In fact, we can see that they’re not shallow and the writers have done an excellent job of going in-depth with their lives. In addition, the wide variety of minor characters (usually criminals) always kept the show fresh and they contributed to the plot. As for the music, it’s probably one of my favorite soundtrack collections for an anime. The tunes are mostly jazzy and they’re catchy. “Tank!”, a song composed by The Seatbelts and my most favorite track is a great way to open the show (look up the whole song on YouTube. It’s worth it!) while “The Real Folk Blues” by the same artist with Mai Yamane, gives the show a smooth ending.

The genre is a bit odd as the space theme is futuristic and the old cowboy theme is old but they did manage to mesh well together. On top of that, the show might be a bit disjointed with the new characters being added constantly but the main plot is still there. With that in mind, you should watch out for details. You can still enjoy the show if you don’t catch them but it’s a lot more rewarding if you do catch those details as they are clues for the main plot.

So overall, if you want to watch something quickly, watch Cowboy Bebop!



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