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State Champs – The Finer Things

State Champs are a special band in a genre that’s usually written off as generic. Kicking through the doors of the pop punk scene, they have met success with many pop punk fans and have been accepted into the bunch of new pop punk bands that give the genre another fighting chance. Since their first EP, the band has been going at it strong as they show that pop punk isn’t boring at all. Now, they have released their debut LP and that too has impressed many fans.

The album has a nice mixture of punk and pop. This can be heard in the song, “Easy to Please” where the introduction is slow but then it picks up with a series of catchy hooks and quick but fun chorus. Meanwhile, Derek’s vocals are definitely some of the best that I’ve heard in the pop punk genre. In fact, they never get stale and I can enjoy listening to him. Lyrically, they’re the words are fun to sing along to and they’re expressed so well, there’s never a dull moment. Meanwhile, the instrumentals varies out between melodic riffs and distorted harmonies really nicely as well and the fast tempos gives the album an energetic feel.

There are many great tracks in between such as, “Simple Existence”, “Hard to Please” and “Nothing’s Wrong” that have unique rhythms and definitely bring out Derek’s voice. On top of that, they have remade the Overslept singles, “Critical” and “Remedy” which gives them a cleaner feel. Although, they do sound good, some people prefer the old versions but nonetheless, they’re good tracks for the album. All of the tracks sound clean and well produced which is to be typical for most pop punk bands.

Overall, pop punk is clearly not dead and State Champs have proved that. None of the tracks can be called fillers and every minute is never wasted. The Finer Things may be one of my top albums of the year and State Champs are a band that needs to be recognized. If you’re interesting in a pop punk album that is fresh, The Finer Things is worth it.

Overall: One of the top pop punk albums of the year. Definitely recommend if you want to get into the genre.


You can listen to the entire album here: Link


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