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Bands to Check Out #1

I’ve asked members of a Facebook group for their bands to promote them. Here’s a list of bands that you should listen to. Most of them are pop punk or hardcore. Check them out and support them if you like the bands!

Punk/Pop Punk

This Endless Breath (Easycore)

Drop Your Guns (Alternative/Pop Punk)

Speaking of the Past (Pop Punk)

Smalls (Punk)

Running on E (Pop Punk)

Something More (Pop Punk)

Sunday Night Riot (Alternative/Pop Punk)

Frentus (Punk/Progressive)

Free.am (Pop Punk)

Infidelities (Alternative Punk)

The Put Downs (Punk Rock N’ Roll)

Safety Hazard (Pop Punk)

Go for Gold (Pop Punk)

PLKC (Pop Punk)

The Breadshots (Pop punk)

A Place in Time (Pop Punk)


One Morning in the Spring (Link 2: Bandcamp) (Post-Hardcore)

Faults (Post-Hardcore/Skramz)

Manifest Me (Metalcore)

The El Paso Gunfight (Thrash/Hardcore)

Shibboleth (Progressive/Melodic Hardcore)

Coastlines (Melodic hardcore)

Glass (Screamo/Punk)


The Old Line (Rock)

The Anchors (Indie rock)


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