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Run The Jewels- Killer Mike and El-P


Run The Jewels is a Hip-Hop album by collaboration Killer Mike and El-P. As a hip-hop listener, this is easily one of my favorite releases of 2013, especially for a free release. Although a bit dry at points, this album features some of the most powerful, minimal production that is reminiscent to DMX or an artist of his caliber in parts of the album. In fact, the aggressive power of the production of this album stuck out to me the most out of anything else. The pacing of this album was really stellar, as well, quick-tempo’d when it called for it, and also mellow when it called for it.  Nothing in particular really stuck out to me about the lyrics, except for the ruthless, aggressive tone that the album tends to carry anyhow. Lines about killing poodles and threatening to kill your baby are usually not taken as soft. Both Killer Mike and El-P do have their moments where they shine on this album lyrically, and the few features that this album has are also extremely beneficial. All in all, this album is great. Ruthless, aggressive, and doesn’t take a hip-hop guru to get into.




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