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Neck Deep – Growing Pains (Single)

Within a short amount of time, Neck Deep has attracted lots of attention for such a small but rapidly growing band They are very well known for their acoustic love song, “A Part of Me”, having a large fan base even though they only have 2 small EPS and for having their style endlessly being compared to The Story So Far. They are currently working on a full length album which is to be released sometime this year on Hopeless Records. So far, they have teased us with a few songs and things have been turning out well. One of their singles is, “Growing Pains” which is their latest song from the album.

The composition of “Growing Pains” is very different from the rough style that they usually use. It still maintains it’s catchiness and speed but it has none of that yelling at all. It’s a nice change and seeing how they always get criticized for “ripping off” The Story So Far, it shows how Neck Deep can still compose great music.

It is very upbeat and the constantly beating drums help maintain the hype. The guitars are constantly chugging through while Ben Barlow expresses his feelings in his lyrics and everything mixes well together in this melodic piece. The chorus is fun to sing along to while the bridge/outro is a smooth way to conclude the song.

Overall: “Growing Pains” is a song that is worth checking out and I think the album will be worth waiting for. Check out the song below!




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